Top 7 Best Paintball Pistols

best paintball pistol

You don’t have to be a paintball enthusiast to know a player would need a pistol, do you? Paintball is a type of game that involves players shooting each other with guns that substitute paint for bullets.

We understand that selecting the perfect yet realistic paintball pistol might be a tall order for many a paintball enthusiast.

And that is why we have taken the liberty of drawing up a list of the seven best paintball pistols on the market right now.

Consequently, you’ll find that with our comprehensive reviews and buying guide selecting a realistic paintball pistol shouldn’t be that hard. Read our Guide on Best Paintball Gun

We will comprehensively cover all the factors you need to consider before going for that pistol you’ve always wanted.

Let’s dive in

Top 7 Best Paintball Pistols

Tippmann TiPX – Paintball Pistol for Self Defense

If you are looking for a compact yet ultimate self-defense paintball pistol, then the Tippmann TiPX is just the pistol for you. It comes with low tension springs and dual true-feed straight stack mags.

Uniquely manufactured with a weight of just eleven ounces, this pistol is one of the lightest paintball pistols available.

In light of the weight, you won’t have any issue simultaneously running and shooting with this one. That’s where the external velocity adjuster comes in handy.

We are sure you will love this pistol because its maintenance is quite simple and straightforward. The additional maintenance kit ensures you can clean it over time to prolong its lifespan.

By the same token, the TiPX also comes as close as possible to resembling a military gun. That is because of its efficient air spool system that reduces kick and enhances air efficiency.

To ensure you have no issues carrying it around, it comes with a deluxe case that makes it easier for you.

Additionally, the trigger allows for faster discharge by puncturing the CO2 on the first pull.

  • Extra light ear echo pads that enhance comfort
  • Fog resistant
  • The mouth vents make it easy to breathe
  • Low profile colors that ensure you blend in with the environment
  • The lens tends to fog up and continuous gaming

Umarex T4E Smith & Wesson – Most Popular

The Smith & Wesson pistol is the most popular paintball pistol. It isn’t by coincidence that it contains the M & P in its name, which means military and police.

That is because it’s one of the highly preferred pistols by the disciplined forces. Now imagine drawing it to blast a friend with some paint. That would be pretty badass, wouldn’t it?

It is exceptionally light and runs on economic C02 with an eight-round free mag with a realistic mag release. The mag release enables this pistol to shoot at an incredible 355 frames per second!

Equally important as well is the added accessories that come with it. Such include a hard case that simplifies carrying it, one magazine, and a squeegee when you need to clean it.

Moreover, you can easily mount accessories such as lasers and lights, thanks mainly to the Picatinny accessory rail.

  • Comes with anti-fog lenses
  • Excellent field of view
  • Quite affordable
  • Highly Versatile
  • It lacks the thermal lens that typical of other masks

JT ER2 Pump Pistol RTS Kit – Efficient for Long Range

The JT ER2 Pump pistol is the next on our list of the most potent paintball pistols money can buy. It is a 0.68 caliber pistol that can shoot a wide range of things from rubber balls to paintballs.

It comes with two twelve-gram C02 cartridges that can be fiercely discharged even on the move. You can shoot away from the paint while running to a hiding place!

In particular, the JT ER2 bears your safety in mind. Hence the reason it has a barrel plug that ensures you don’t injure yourself as you fire away.

If you are looking to play paintball for the first time, this kit will perfectly fit you. It is ready to use gear that you can shoot away at targets in your backyard.

Equally important is the relatively smooth action one-time trigger pull apart from the pump-action reload system. The stick feed port ensures a smooth transition of whatever you are shooting out the gun.

  • Provides maximum protection by covering the whole head
  • Because it is a universal fit, it fits on most heads
  • It comes with a removable visor
  • Equipped with a thermal lens
  • It starts fogging after several hours of use

JT ER4 RTP .68Cal Paintball Kit – Realistic Paintball Pistol

The JT ER4 is yet another realistic paintball pistol that will allow you to get your age in the game, notwithstanding.

The first thing you’ll notice about this pistol is how easy it is to carry due to its negligible weight. It, therefore, is an excellent option for anyone to enjoy paintball.

Another thing to love about this pistol is the one trigger one-shot system ensures it is as easy as possible to use for anyone. Together with the three twelve-gram CO2 cylinders, it will shoot as fast as you will need it to.

The barrel plug ensures you don’t hurt yourself as you enjoy the game. Safety is also ensured thanks in a significant part to the safe push button.

Furthermore, it has a protective guardian goggle that protects your eyes as you play. With your eyes covered, you can focus more on enjoying paintball.

To round it all up, it has a forty round loader that protects the paint and keeps feeding it into the ER4.

Of essence, however, is that the loader can hold up to forty rounds.

  • An impressive field of view
  • Low profile goggles/mask
  • Ultralightweight make
  • Fast drying
  • It fogs up after a game and might require a particular anti-fog solution

T4E Umarex .43 Caliber Walther – Most Powerful Paintball Pistol

Made with the fixed front sight and adjustable rear sight, the T4E .43 caliber paintball pistol is the most powerful in the market.

Notably, it combines an economic CO2 power with a drop-free magazine capable of dispensing eight rounds. The realistic mag release only adds to the ease with which you can discharge it.

You also get to mount lights, lasers, and other accessories quite easily thanks to the Picatinny rail.

The metal barrel and slide, slide back when the pistol empties to protect you from any accidents that might occur due to the paint leaving the gun at high speed.

You also won’t have any trouble carrying this pistol around or running with it. That’s because it is lightweight and compact. It can thus be used by people of all ages.

The T4E Umarex is also the ideal pistol for training, allowing you to train for just nine cents per round.

  • Solid faceplate provides maximum protection
  • Louvered vents ensure you stay cool
  • Comes with an anti-fog lens
  • Quality adjustable strap

  • It needs occasional wiping out between games to remove fog

Tippmann TiPX .68 Caliber – Powerful Latest Technology

Do you want to add an extra dimension to your paintball game? Then maybe you should give the Tippman .68 caliber a try. This pistol is a fantastic choice for a sidearm firearm or even as a solo marker.

What impressed us about this pistol is the clear ammo window. Thanks to that, you can see whether it is still loaded or is empty.

It has an external speed adjuster that allows you to manage how fast you want to shoot the paintballs. This kit packs some popular accessories that tick most of the boxes in a paintball gun. It has a reversible holster and three true-feed magazines.

The pistols compact design adds to it ready to use features to give you a very dependable paintball gun.

Are you a first timer in paintball? Then you would definitely want to try this pistol.

  • It is quite comfortable because it even distributes the force over your whole head
  • Has multiple vents to ensure the heat doesn’t become too much inside
  • Extra-wide field of vision of 290 degrees
  • Comes with a POV camera mount

  • Doesn’t come with a visor

T4E New Walther PPQ M2 – The Most Realistic Pistol

The T4E weather PPQ pistol is one of the most highly sought paintball guns. The military and police use it for target training and as a backup firearm.

It comes with a twelve-gram CO2 cylinder in the magazine. Each of the cylinders can shoot up to twenty-four shots that have to be loaded three times.

What we especially loved about this pistol is the pneumatic blowback system that can shoot a wide range of projectiles.

You can shoot rubber balls, paintballs as well as powder balls.

The T4E New weather is also relatively light and compact, which adds to the simplicity and ease of use. The sturdy metal slide and barrel help prevent accidents before they happen.

This firearm markedly ticks most of the boxes of what you would want in a self-defense pistol.

  • Doesn’t fog up quickly thanks to unidirectional venting
  • Comes with a thermoformed inner lens
  • Allows for quick switching of lenses
  • Ultrawide field of vision
  • It isn’t easy using it with glasses

Types of Paintball Pistols

You must know what a paintball pistol looks like, but what do you know about the different types? Let’s see the different types that exist and what makes them highly preferred by certain people.

  • Pseudo-Automatic

The pseudo-automatic guns are quite a popular choice for users wanting to get into paintball games for the first time.

Pseudo-Automatic Paitball Pistol

They can either be manual or electro-pneumatic or need you to pull the trigger to fire a shot.

  • Ramping Paintball Pistols

Ramping pistols are a fast-firing kind of gun that is best for use in the fields. The firing rate gradually increases as you steadily press the trigger.

It might be a popular option but wouldn’t be permissible for most paintball games. It would be potentially dangerous to other participants.

Trust us. You wouldn’t want that.

  • Fully Automatic Pistols

This type is quite similar to the ramping pistols. The firing rate doesn’t increase gradually as you press the trigger, however.

Instead, it comes with set firing rates. An automatic pistol fires continuously as long you press the trigger.

  • Pump Paintball Pistol

The Pump pistol is the pistol with the most uncomplicated design. It, however, doesn’t lose any reliability in simplicity.

They make use of a pump mechanism to set the nest paintball in line for the next shot. That happens when the chamber acting in a forward, then backward motion.

  • The Three Shot Burst

This type of pistol packs a dual firing mode into one gun. That’s because it can be a semiautomatic or three-shot burst.

That marks this type out as very advanced since it can fire three shots steadily after you give the trigger a pull. The three shots give this type its name.

Unfortunately, you won’t be allowed to use them in most paintball tournaments due to the high risk of injury.

  • Machine Gun Paintball Pistols

Do such pistols even exist? Have you heard anyone refer to a paintball pistol as a machine gun? Well, to answer it quite simply, they don’t exist.

That is because such people could mostly be referring to pistols with a very high firing rate.

They can even be a three-shot burst or fully automatic pistols. Thus, this isn’t a whole new type of paintball pistol. It is at best a cliché, maybe?

Factors to Consider 

  • Weight

No one wants a gun that’s too heavy to carry around. It would hamper your movement and stop you from truly enjoying the paintball game thoroughly.

  • The Price 

Whether you are buying a car or a house, price is usually of the utmost importance. No surprise there since finances are quite tight for most of us. That is why you have to take your time and consider the price

  • The material and make 

Pistols with more sturdy material are rightly more popular with users. That is because you are guaranteed longevity and quality service.

That is the reason you have to consider this attribute carefully.

  • Electric Paintball Pistol or Mechanical?

Mechanical pistols function mechanically with means such as a CO2 power mechanism or air compression.

They are excellent for use by beginners as they require minimum maintenance and are remarkably straightforward to use.

Electric pistols, on the other hand, use circuit boards powered with a battery, which makes them more accurate.

They are also relatively compact in contrast to the slightly bulky mechanical ones.

What sets the TIP apart from the TIPX?

The TIPX has a better air system that allows it to offer a more consistent service.

Can I play paintball with just any gun?

That would depend on how safe that gun is. Some guns aren’t allowed in paintball games as they might injure participants.

Are Electric paintball pistols worth it?

We would say they are. They are more consistent and more accurate. So yes, they are worth it.

Can children use paintball pistols?

Yes. Some pistols would be ideal for kids. However, not all since some might be dangerous.

Parting Shot

We hope our review helps you choose the best paintball pistol for yourself. Just remember to stay safe as you play paintball. Ensure you have your mask and other protective gear on.

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