Best Paintball Masks in 2021: Which Paintball Mask Do you Need?

best paintball mask

Paintball has gained popularity of late as an excellent way to bond and socialize among people of various classes.

It is a game that allows you to shoot someone to ‘death’ with a gun as if you were in the military. You, however, don’t kill them because the gun only has paintballs as the bullets.

So instead of bullet holes, the victim only has little paint smears all over their body. Sounds exciting, right?

Now, paintball as much as it uses paint as literal bullets still require you to wear protective gear. Otherwise, the paintballs will hit you hard, and you’ll be in some discomfort.

A mask would come in handy here. However, how can you pick the perfect mask? What kind of mask would make you look classy on the battlefield yet still protect you?



1. Virtue VIO Paintball Masks – Thermal Anti Fog

Kicking off our list of the ten best paintball masks is the Virtue VIO paintball mask. This mask provides you with maximum range visibility while significantly increasing your field of view.

It is flexible and has an assortment of several rigid color accents that make it as stylish as possible. In addition to that, the 3D Molded Prop pad increases its grip while giving you comfortable protection.

Furthermore, you won’t be easily visible to other players, thanks to the subdued colors that give you a low profile. That is to avoid being easily spotted from afar by other players.

The extra light ear echo pads that come with this mask make it tick most boxes of what to look for in a paintball mask.

Not to mention the highly versatile design that makes it fog resistant with near-perfect UV protection.

To top it all off is the mouth vents that won’t interfere with your breathing or communication in any way. The mount vents are in strategic areas of the goggles. You can easily converse with your teammates.

Equally important are the top-grade adjusters that make adjustments as comfortable as possible. You don’t the mask being too tight around your head.

  • Low profile colors that ensure you blend in with the environment
  • Extra light ear echo pads that enhance comfort
  • The mouth vents make it easy to breathe
  • Fog resistant
  • The lens tends to fog up, and continuous gaming

2. JT Premise Paintball Goggles – Anti-fog lens

The JT paintball mask is another versatile design mask that gives you an excellent field of view upwards of 260 degrees.

The lens has a design that ensures you won’t have to worry about fog forming upon them. You don’t want fog obstructing your vision.

Crucially it is compatible with all JT spectra lenses that you can acquire aftermarket. The fantastic thing with this mask is that it is priced at a relatively reasonable price. You can therefore get it on the cheap.

The futures present in the mask if in another mask would make it quite expensive. By that token, it would seem the sure bet is going for this mask.

The military-style design makes you look badass on the battlefield. Again, that makes you as menacing as possible while protecting you from enemy bullets.

It offers you commendable ear and chin protection.

  • Comes with anti-fog lenses
  • Excellent field of view
  • Quite affordable
  • Highly Versatile
  • It lacks the thermal lens that typical of other masks

3. JT Spectra Flex 8 – Full Head Paintball Mask

The Flex 8, just like its predecessor above, also offers you a pretty decent field of vision upwards of 260 degrees.

What makes it unique is the dual fusion molding technology. The technology ensures it has top class ventilation for the player.

Additionally, it comes with an impressive ability to cover your whole head for better protection. Therefore, the chances of paintballs hitting you in the back of the head will be minimal.

The removable visor serves to show how top class the protection from this mask is. You can always remove it when it gets too hot in there.

Equally important, it protects the chin and the ears well from any unforeseen shots to the head.

  • Provides maximum protection by covering the whole head
  • Because it is a universal fit, it fits on most heads
  • It comes with a removable visor
  • Equipped with a thermal lens
  • It starts fogging after several hours of use

4. Vforce Paintball Mask Review

The GI Sportz profiler mask/ goggle offers a maximum peripheral vision upwards of 280 degrees.

It has a super soft dual-density foam that dries so fast when washed. As a result, the soft density foam ensures it doesn’t press too much against your head.

More importantly, though is the lightweight make. It makes movement simpler. Also, the fact it is light makes it super comfortable for most users.

By the same token, the mask has soft target colors that give you a low profile on the battlefield. That is because most players don’t want masks that stand out and make them targets.

The visor is also removable for this mask. You can, therefore remove it when the need arises.

  • An impressive field of view
  • Low profile goggles/mask
  • Ultralightweight make
  • Fast drying
  • It fogs up after a game and might require a particular anti-fog solution

5. Empire X-Ray Paintball Mask

The Empire paintball goggle is the ultimate protective mask for beginners. That is not only because of the high-quality adjustable strap but also due to the hypoallergenic foam.

When you purchase these goggles, you get a visor in addition to the solid faceplate. You are therefore safe in the knowledge that your face won’t get any injuries from all manner of paintball shots.

Have you ever worn a mask that had no ventilation whatsoever that left you gasping for breath in there? Well, these louvered mask vents ensure you don’t have to endure that. They draw out all the warm air and thus having a cooling sensation on your protected face.

To top it all up, it also has a single anti-fog lens that is clear enough to enhance visibility.

  • Solid faceplate provides maximum protection
  • Louvered vents ensure you stay cool
  • Comes with an anti-fog lens
  • Quality adjustable strap
  • It needs occasional wiping out between games to remove fog

6. Dye i5 Paintball Mask – Thermal Lens

The Dye i5 is arguably among the most fantastic masks on our list. That’s because of its impressive features that enable the player to experience the best safety while maintaining comfort.

Additionally, you get to enjoy a wide field of vision of 290 degrees together with clear anti-fog lenses. Moreover, the double peripheral and horizontal vision, this mask offers the utmost clarity you will need to enjoy the game.

Another impressive thing with this mask is the added POV mount. The mount enables you to attach a POV camera that ensures you don’t miss out on any of the action. Mighty impressive, isn’t it?

Thanks to the multiple vents on the mask, you won’t have to endure a buildup of too much heat inside. Together with the rapid change kit for the lens and foam, the anti-fog lens ensures you are ever ready for combat.

  • It is quite comfortable because it even distributes the force over your whole head
  • Has multiple vents to ensure the heat doesn’t become too much inside
  • Extra-wide field of vision of 290 degrees
  • Comes with a POV camera mount
  • Doesn’t come with a visor

7. Anyoupin Airsoft Mask

The Anyoupin airsoft mask prides itself on being the lightest and lowest profile goggles offering the best field of vision. It comes in low profile colors that ensure you don’t stand out.

The anti-fog technology is, however, what is one of the most impressive about this mask. You get fog-free vision the prevailing weather conditions notwithstanding. Furthermore, the unique mask system is a comfortable fit for most faces and their contours, making them a gamer’s dream.

Going for a long day of paintball and are worried about having your head drenched with sweat in a mask? The anyoupin airsoft mask solves that for you by having a comfortable configuration that ensures they are breathable.

To top it all of this the ear protective cover that is soft to increase the comfort as you play. If you are looking for fog-free thermal lenses, then this mask is for you.

  • Doesn’t fog up quickly thanks to unidirectional venting
  • Comes with a thermoformed inner lens
  • Allows for quick switching of lenses
  • Ultrawide field of vision
  • It isn’t easy using it with glasses

8. Empire X-Ray V2.1 Thermal Protector

The Empire X-Ray paintball goggle system boasts a vent system that allows for quick switching of lenses and easy breathing.

The face skirt is made of a flexible material that has reduced silhouette. The reduced shape significantly boosts the comfort of the wearer.

Additionally, you get to enjoy zero distortion vision thanks to the thermal and anti-fog lens. What’s better, the lens also provides both horizontal and peripheral clarity. Consequently, you can see in various angles.

In a further boost to the comfort, one enjoys with this mask., it is lightweight with perfect ventilation for comfortable breathing and perspiring. The hypoallergenic face foam is just a bonus on the design of this mask.

  • Consists of anti-fog lenses perfect in any weather condition
  • Low profile colors to ensure you don’t stand out
  • Lightweight and small to increase comfort
  • Excellent field of vision
  • The lens, although thermal, gets scratches quite easily

9. HK Army HSTL with Thermal Lens – Paintball Goggles

The HK Army HSTL goggles are as classy as they are safe. Double pained and with an inner lens that is thermoformed to provide clear vision, this mask offers you up to 260 degrees field of vision.

Not to forget the toroidal lens that gives you the perfect peripheral or horizontal view. You thus don’t have to struggle to see through the various angles of vision as you enjoy the game.

For zero interference with hearing, the goggles come with multipored earpieces. You can easily hear whatever is coming at or is happening around you.

Another fantastic thing about these goggles is that you can change the lens in as little as 10 seconds. Furthermore, it is relatively light, thus increasing your comfort as you play the game.

  • It comes with a thermal lens that provides distortion-free vision
  • Super comfortable thanks to the reduced silhouette
  • Allows for faster lens switching
  • It is impressively lightweight
  • The nose protector might be too large that it obstructs your vision

10. JT Premise Headshield Paintball Goggle

Closing off our list is the JT Premise Headshield goggle. It is available in nylon, plastic or cotton material comes with the innovative single lens mask system.

Its exterior is hardened to protect you from paintball shots to the head and face. The changeable lens makes, and closed-cell foam ensures it gives you the utmost protection as you play.

In case you are worried it would be hard to change the lens midway through a game, then your fears should be addressed by the way you can change the lens relatively fast.

The adjustable head strap not only ensures your head fits in the mask comfortably but also means you are quite comfortable as you play.

Another thing you’ll love about this mask is that you aren’t just limited to playing paintball with it since airsoft is also an option. That is because it has a hard exterior which gives you proper protection.

  • Comes in various material designs (nylon, plastic, and cotton)
  • Quality and comfortable adjustable head strap
  • Hard exterior ensures maximum protection
  • Allows for fast change of lenses
  • The hard surface and closed foam might become too rigid, resulting in layer discomfort

Factors You Need To Consider 

good paintball masks

  • Your Comfort Matters!

How comfortable are you in a mask? Is it the type of mask to give you a hard time breathing or moving? Or is it the type of mask that has you sweating profusely as you play? That is why you have to consider how comfortable the mask will be.

  • Weight

Heavy masks are an absolute no if you want to enjoy the game. Imagine having a heavy load on your head as you play. You won’t have fun in paintball with a heavy mask. Hence the reason you have to consider getting the lightest mask available.

  • The Cost of the Mask

This one is quite obvious. Before you buy something, you always have to consider the price. Go for a mask that is well within your price range but still gives you full protection.

It is, however, worth remembering that not all cheap masks would give you value for money.

  • UV Protection

Paintball is an outdoor sport. It thus involves players running around in the open, sometimes in the scorching heat.

To protect your face and eyes from the rays of the sun, you’d need a mask that guarantees you protection from UV rays.

  • The Field of Vision

The ideal mask should give you an ultrawide field of vision that allows for peripheral and horizontal vision. If you can’t tell what’s coming due to poor visibility, then chances are you will always be on the losing side.

  • Are Your Ears Protected?

Some masks don’t cover the ears adequately, which can be dangerous. A hit to the ears wouldn’t be so appealing as it can be quite painful.

Therefore, go for a mask that guarantees protection for the whole of your face. That will prevent you from cringing each time you play, afraid of your ears receiving a hit.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best paintball mask?

A paintball mask is a protective covering for the face and ears that one wears whenever playing paintball. It protects you from the painful paintball hits to the face.

What are paintball masks made of?

Paintball masks can be of differing material. There are nylon, plastic as well as cotton masks. It is upto you to pick the best for you.

How do I stop my goggles from fogging?

You can use a particular antifogging solution that you can buy at the local store. Applying the solution to the lens should prevent the fog

How bad does paintball hurt?

A paintball hit to the head or any other part of the body is excruciating. That is why you can’t play the game without protective gear.

Final Thoughts

We hope our review of the top 10 best paintball masks helps you easily choose the perfect mask for you.

Choosing the best mask shouldn’t be a complicated affair for any of us. We hope that our review has seen to that.

Whatever mask you decide to get, remember that it is your safety that should be your priority.

With all your protective gear including your mask, in place, you can enjoy paintball as you dint have to harbor fears of potential injuries.

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