Best Paintball Guns Under 100 $ – The Ultimate Guide for Beginners

Best Paintball Gun Under 100$

So, you’ve decided you want to try your hand at paintball marker and already have all the protective gear in place. One problem, though, you are cash strapped and can’t afford the overly expensive paintball guns.

Does that mean your dream waits till you get enough money to get a paintball gun? Of course not! What if we told you that you can still get the best paintball guns under 100$? Yes, you read that right.

We have reviewed here the best four options for the best paintball guns for 100$. Therefore, you don’t have to defer your dream to play paintball till you can afford a paintball gun.

Let’s not waste any more time and get on with it.



1. Spyder Victor Semi-Automatic – Best Paintball Guns For Under 100

The Spyder Victor semi-automatic paintball gun boasts an efficient EKO valve system capable of shooting up a maximum of 1500 shots and a matte finish aluminum extruded body.

The aluminum extruded body gives you a comfortable grip on the gun while making it last longer. Additionally, you can quickly cock and shoot with this gun thanks to the vertical adapter pull pin top cocking mechanism.

Sometimes you might find it hard to pull the trigger with some paintball markers. As a result, the Spyder Victor comes with an ergonomic design impact trigger polymer that ensures quick cocking and discharge.

In addition to the trigger being ergonomic, it also comes with a nonslip rubber grip two-finger trigger that ensures no slipping. It also has a velocity adjuster on the outside.

The Spyder Victor operates on compressed air or Co2 and has one of the best air source efficiency among the market’s guns.

  • Ergonomic design trigger that makes it easy to use
  • The aluminum extruded body makes it durable
  • Impressive air source efficiency
  • Nonslip rubber grip
  • The ball feeder starts falling off after sometime

2. Well D98 M1A1 Submachine – Best Beginner Paintball Guns Under 100

The Well submachine gun boasts the ability to be semi-automatic or fully automatic to offer you the best shooting speeds while playing paintball.

It is very light too, and you can thus quickly dash around with it as you play. Mind you; it is so uncomfortable playing paintball with a massive gun no matter how effective it might be.

The gun is fully plastic but has a metallic gearbox to prevent wanton damage to the crucially important gearbox contents.

By the same token, it also comes with a removable battery that ensures constant shooting while playing.

Drum magazines are usually more preferred than stick magazines. The Well D98’s stick magazine, however, still holds its own alongside the drum magazines.  It is easy to load and doesn’t jam easily.

Equally important is the muzzle velocity that enables you to shoot at speeds between 240 and 250 FPS.

  • Light in the hands and thus easy to play with
  • Provides several firing modes
  • Impressive muzzle velocity
  • Efficient stick magazine
  • Its battery lasts for a short time

3. Valken Gotcha 50 Cal – Best Rated Paintball Guns Under 100

The Valken Gotcha paintball gun is yet another impressive paintball gun that you can acquire relatively on the cheap.  It is, however, a low impact .50 caliber gun that offers you a maximum shooting speed of just over 140 FPS.

With this gun, you wouldn’t need to stop and refill each time to shoot. As a matter of fact, it is spring powered to ensure you can efficiently discharge it while playing the game.

Want your kids to try it but are worried about its safety? Worry not, for this gun is safe to use by kids as young as nine years old. However, you must ensure the gun’s safe use to prevent kids from thinking it is some toy.

With that in mind, it is worth noting that the Valken can shoot over a distance of 100 feet. In effect, it is reasonably accurate on relatively short distances like, say, forty feet.

  • Maximum shooting speed of 140 FPS is quite impressive
  • Spring-powered for faster discharge
  • Fairly accurate at short distances
  • Safe for use even by kids
  • Being a low impact gun makes it measure up less to other guns that are high impact

4. JT SplatMaster z18 .50 Cal – Cheap Paintball Guns Under 100 dollars

Closing off our list of the best rated paintball guns under 100$ is the JT Splat Master paintball gun. The JT can shoot for up to 100 feet and has excellent marksman accuracy for up to 50 feet.

In much the same fashion as the Valken, it is spring powered. It consequently allows you to shoot faster without having to stop and refill the gun. Provided that it is spring powered, you won’t need a battery.

It is incredibly lightweight to offer the best shooting for many a first-time player. Thanks to the low impact pump action, you are assured of a fantastic paintball playing experience.

  • Spring-powered and thus allows nonstop shooting
  • Can shoot with accuracy at a distance of 50 feet
  • Lightweight and thus comfortable to use
  • Works without a battery
  • It is a low impact gun
  • It might thus be inadequate when compared with other guns

Buying Guide For Paintball Guns Under 100

  • How Efficient is it?

It is common knowledge that cheap things don’t usually live upto the standards of the pricier alternatives.

Therefore, you have to be careful to ensure that the low price isn’t a reason for the gun to be inefficient.

  • What Are the Guns shooting Range?

Most of the guns on our list can shoot well over 100 feet, which we would say is impressive, considering that they are quite affordable.

When going for a gun under 100$, ensure the low price isn’t a reason for ineffectiveness over short distances. Most times, manufacturers trade the shooting range and accuracy for the low price.

  • Weight

As you already know, heavy guns aren’t preferred in paintball as they considerably slow down a player.

You, therefore, have to consider how heavy the gun might be.

  • How Long Do You Plan to Own the Gun?

There is no doubt everyone wants a gun that will last them a long time. Such guns would have to be made with sturdy material to withstand long periods of use.


What is the cheapest paintball gun?

In as much as paintball guns are expensive can still get one for as low as 14$ on Amazon. However, it is worth noting that a lower-priced weapon might not be as good in some aspects as a more expensive one.

What’s the best paintball gun for defense?

There are several paintball guns that you’d consider for self-defense, but not many would come close to the Tippman Tip X pistol. The Tippman, according to us, is the best for self-defense.

What is the best paintball gun in 2019?

The best paintball gun in 2019 was arguably the Tippman A-5 with a lightweight design and a sturdy look that makes a dream gun for any paintball player.

Final Thoughts

If you had shelved your plans to play paintball because you thought you couldn’t find suitable paintball guns on the cheap, then you can breathe a sigh of relief.

We hope our list of best paintball guns for 100$ helps you realize that you can still enjoy paintball without necessarily paying over the top for a paintball weapon.

The best paintball guns under 100$, as you can see from our review, can still hold their own amongst the more expensive brands.

It is, however, first-time paintball players who would benefit from getting these guns. That is because you are sure the firearm is safe and of it being reasonably affordable.

Paintball needn’t be expensive to enjoy.

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